Château Latour 2005 - 1er Grand Cru Classé ( Ex - Château Novembre 2021)

Available early November 2021..

Château Latour is located in the heart of the Médoc wine region, about 50 km northwest of Bordeaux, where the legend of the Bordeaux vineyard was created. The heart of its terroir, l'Enclos, overlooks the Gironde estuary where the river and the ocean have given it its geological complexity over the centuries and favor the mild climate every day.

Today, the vineyard covers 92 hectares, 47 of which are located around the Château, known as "l'Enclos", a historic terroir, which is divided into two main soil types:

- The clayey gravels, in the heart of the Enclos. 

- Gravelly sands, on the periphery of the Enclosure 

This Enclosure is made up of a ridge that rises to 16 meters above the level of the Gironde, surrounded to the north and south by two streams and to the east by the "Palus" of the Gironde's edge. The forty or so hectares located outside the Enclos are made up of several very fine plots ("Petit Batailley", "Pinada",..) acquired over the course of history. Their grapes are used in the blending of the Forts de Latour, and the younger vines in the Pauillac.

Château Latour also makes a second wine called "Les Forts de Latour" of remarkable quality. Not to mention the latest "Le Pauillac de Château Latour".

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The 2005 Latour was mind-blowingly profound in two recent tastings for this report. Deep and sensual to the core, the 2005 is utterly captivating. All the elements are so seamlessly put together. Graphite, crème de cassis, licorice, dark spice and lavender infuse the 2005 with so much energy.                                                                                                                                                                               More than anything else, though, the 2005 is a Latour of texture and resonance. Even after several hours, the 2005 is fresh and full of energy. Wines like this are just life affirming. 

                                                                                                                  Antonio Galloni,, April 2021

Expectations are high when you open a top flight estate in one of Bordeaux’s most revered vintages, and the 2005 Latour, while still being stubborn, is poised to deliver the goods. So many layers to get through, and it moves in distinct stages, from sweet-salty dark chocolate and soy sauce through to earthy cassis and blackberries, finishing up with a delicate burst of rosebuds and violet flowers, and a saline, slate and mint kick on the finish.                                                                                                                                                                       The flavours remain hidden at first and need coaxing - there is definitely no rush to open, and it may still be going through something of a dumb phase, but I have been lucky enough to taste this wine a few times this year, and this week’s example was one of the best, really beginning to grow into its potential, and showing plenty of old school Latour power. There are fireworks but you have to wait for them, and ideally I would still give it another few years. 100% new oak. This wine has been released.                                                                       En Primeur, then again in March 2017, and this is the third and final release. Decanted three hours before tasting, and it needs another few hours to fully open.

                                                                                                                     Jane Anson,, September 2021

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Jean-Marc Quarin  -  Noté 97/100

James Suckling  -  Noté 99/100              

Vinous / Antonio Galloni  - Noté 100/100 (avril 2021)

Decanter / Jane Anson  -  Noté 98/100 (septembre 2021)

Wine Advocate / Lisa Perrotti  -  Noté 98+/100

Vinous / Neal Martin  - Noté 98/100