Château Cheval Blanc 2020 - 1St Great Cru Class A

Contrary to popular belief about the 2020 vintage, Pierre-Olivier Clouet defends "a great year for Merlot". The nose is deep and precise, caressing, slender, dynamic. Very nice brightness on the small red and black fruit (raspberry, blackberry) but enhanced by the typical floral notes of Cheval, rose and violet. The mouth is remarkable for its texture and suppleness.

Cheval Blanc 2020 is not a wine that imposes itself by its power nor by its verticality, subtle, which covers, stretches, insinuates itself, deploys its silky and tactile matter with a lot of grace. A lace-like wine, with sparkling concentration, where tannins and acidity take turns. 

Château Cheval Blanc also produces a second wine that is very noticeable and more quickly accessible for tasting over time. It is called Le Petit Cheval.

The vine has been cultivated for several centuries in the area known as Cheval Blanc and since late antiquity, the Saint-Emilion vineyard has been creating, vintage after vintage, decade after decade, wines of exceptional quality, among the most acclaimed and sought-after in the world, of which Château Cheval Blanc is the mythical spearhead.

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Black color. Intense nose, fine, subtle, complex, pure, with nuances of black fruits mixed with red fruits. Notes of raspberry and flowers. Unimaginable! It's fresher when the glass is shaken, still with that raised aromatic touch that adorns the black fruit, fresh and almost leafy as mint could be.

Soft on the entry, ultra mellow in the middle, absolutely delicious and with an incredible richness of flavors between taste, touch and all the nobility of the place, the wine flies away in the sappy, fragrant yet lively finish. An elusive, contrasting rendition with a crazy personality. 

Jean-Marc Quarin.

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Livrable Premier Trimestre 2023
58 % merlot, 34 % cabernet franc, 8 % cabernet sauvignon
2032 - 2065

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